mímica, 1, 4t, 4a.
08035 barcelona
catalonia, spain
phone (+34) 677 713 203

what it is is a flexible team of designers and other professionals in diverse disciplines led by xavier alamany (ehea master's degree in research in art and design)

services offers design and visual communication services for companies and institutions, with proximity, experience and the ability to seek new alternatives for new needs

we can work in english, french, spanish, catalan and we also understand brazilian portuguese and italian quite well

_identity design
_art direction
_cultural and commercial promotion design
_designs for screen and paper
_exhibition design
_branding and advertising
_infographics, maps and signage
_content edition
_in-house and outsourcing production management
_communication for Internet and social media
_university teaching, research and events

and a long career in publishing design:
_magazines, books and catalogues

you are welcome
please ask us how we can approach your project

download and file pdfs of our work
overview english / spanish / catalan
editorial english / spanish / catalan